LaRC Contractors Steering Council Meeting – July 21, 2022

Join us for the Langley Contractor’s Steering Council (LCSC) meeting Thursday, July 21, at 2:00 pm. This month’s LCSC meeting will include a Center transformation presentation by LaRC Chief Knowledge Officer Kevin Rivers, an update on the ACT2 program by Center Transformation Portfolio Manager Cara Leckey, and an Office of Procurement update by Susan McClain.

This will be a hybrid meeting. The in-person location is NASA LaRC IESB, building 2102, Room 116. Please use the link below to join the meeting online.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Welcome and Opening Comments
  • VASBA Update– Melissa Smith
  • LaRC Office of Procurement (OP) Update – Susan McClain
  • Return to Onsite Work (RTOW) Update – Susan McClain
  • Small Business Update – Susan McClain
  • Partnerships Update – Kerry Leonard
  • Transformation of Technical Capabilities – Kevin Rivers
  • ACT2 Program Update – Cara Leckey
  • Special Topics and Look Ahead

LaRC Small Business Update Slides by Rob Betts, July 21, 2022

ACT2 Program Update Slides by Cara Leckey, July 21, 2022

LCSC Meeting Minutes by Jenny Monokrousos, July 21, 2022

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