The Organization

The NASA Langley Research Center Contractors Steering Council (LCSC) is composed of on- and near-site LaRC contractors. It is directed by Center Office of Procurement representatives.

Established in January 1989, the LCSC provides an informal framework wherein contractors with an existing business presence at LaRC can network with other contractors and LaRC leaders to expand relationships that enhance the partnership bond that already exists.   The LCSC provides timely information and feedback on Center-wide issues and activities of mutual interest and acts as a forum for informal communications between LaRC and the local contractor community.

Leadership of the LCSC consists of a Chair and a Deputy Chair from the LaRC contractor community.  The Chair is elected by the LCSC membership and serves for a two-year term.  The Chair suggests one or more candidates as Deputy Chair, and one is approved by the LCSC. This Deputy assists the Chair in the various activities of the LCSC.

The table below summarizes the LCSC leadership for 2022- 2023:

Membership and Meetings

Membership in the LCSC is open to representatives from each of Langley’s on- and near-site Contractor organizations, both primes and subcontractors.

The LCSC meets on the third Thursday of each month in person and via Microsoft Teams. Featured speakers from LaRC, the contractor community, and other organizations seek to inform on activities and issues of mutual interest.  The meetings also provide the opportunity for LaRC and the contractor community to network, communicate, and share information and concerns.  Further, LaRC keeps its contractors informed of important changes occurring in the arena of government procurement and seeks contractor input in areas where LaRC has some discretion in the way new regulations will be implemented at the Center.   LaRC also uses the LCSC meetings to provide status reports on procurement activities of general interest.

The LCSC has grown into a valuable Center asset and continues to serve as an active catalyst for cooperative working relationships between LaRC and its contractor community.