LaRC Contractors Steering Council Meeting – August 20, 2020

Join us for the virtual Langley Contractor’s Steering Council (LCSC) meeting Thursday, August 20, at 3:00 pm. This month’s keynote speaker is Trina Dyal, Acting Director of the Science Directorate. Susan McClain, Director of the Office of Procurement, will also provide Return to Onsite Work and LaRC OP updates.

Use the link below to join the meeting.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Our meeting will address these topics:

  • VASBA Update– Laura Blumberg
  • LaRC OP Update – Susan McClain
  • RTOW Update – Susan McClain
  • Small Business Update – Rob Betts
  • Directorate Update from Science – Trina Dyal
  • Special Topics and Look Ahead

LaRC Small Business Update Slides by Rob Betts, August 20, 2020

LaRC Science Directorate in 15 Minutes August 2020 Slides by Trina Dyal

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