Center Director Transitions LaRC to Response Framework Stage 3

Jonny Callahan requested that the following guidance from NASA LaRC Center Director Clayton Turner be shared with LaRC Contractors Steering Council members.

Dear Langley Team,

Based on careful analysis and planning, NASA Langley will transition to Stage 3 of the NASA Framework for Return to On-Site Work on Thursday, June 25. Throughout this process, your health and safety remain our top priority.

This guidance applies to civil service and contractor employees. Contractor program offices will provide contract-specific return to on-site work instructions directly to their employees.

While we are all eager to return to a sense of normalcy, let me emphasize that Stage 3 continues mandatory teleworking with on-site work limited to designated mission-essential and approved mission-critical work. Implementation is based on work that absolutely must be done on-site. We are limiting the number of personnel working in any one facility on any specific activity to further reduce risk.

We are taking a risk-based, phased approach that aligns with guidance from the White House, Office of Personnel Management, Office of Management and Budget, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the agency, while also giving careful consideration to information from our own state and local authorities.

As projects are prioritized to return on-site, a thorough Safety and Health Assessment (SHA) is conducted. The SHA is specific to the returning project and facilities that will be accessed. Additionally, returning employees receive training from the Emergency Operations Center staff that includes appropriate health and safety protocols, best practices, and necessary protective equipment. This is an extensive process. We appreciate the time and details it requires.

Plans for incrementally increasing on-site work in subsequent stages are also in development. As you can imagine, these stages will be more complicated as the number of on-site employees increases, so we will take the time needed to develop the safest possible strategy.

To facilitate a safe return, the team compiled materials containing current guidance. We may update these materials as we learn more and progress through the stages.

Additionally, please note that we are asking each returning employee or anyone accessing the center — even for an approved brief visit — to complete the “Daily COVID-19 Checklist.”

At this stage, Exchange services such as the Langley Child Development Center and fitness center will remain closed. The cafeteria will remain closed as we initially transition to Stage 3. We will assess the feasibility of providing limited food service at a future date as we move closer to Stage 2 and more employees return to on-site work.

For center access information visit LaRC SOS. Also, visit the NASA People Coronavirus page for more information. We must work through this unprecedented time together. I encourage you to review this information carefully and discuss any questions or concerns with your supervisor.

I also want to reiterate that the fundamentals still apply:

  • If you do not feel safe returning to on-site work or are at high risk, talk with your supervisor or contract management. Alternate work arrangements should be made without reservation or reprisal.
  • If you feel sick, or someone in your household is sick, stay home.
  • We each have a personal responsibility to do our part to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • If you are not comfortable talking with your supervisor, reach out to the leadership team or work through Langley’s Office of Diversity and Equal Employment or Ombudsman team.

I know that you will have many questions. We will do our best to answer them over time as we progress through Stage 3. In the meantime, we welcome your questions through the Take Five Conference IO tool with the password AskHere.

We will persevere and continue to do amazing work for the agency and the nation. Please take care of yourselves and your families.

Stay safe.

Clayton Turner
Director, Langley Research Center

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