Blackout Notice for LaRC RFP 80LARC22R0003 (RSES) Effective May 26, 2022

Susan McClain, Director of NASA LaRC’s Office of Procurement, requested that the following formal Blackout Notice be shared with LaRC Contractors Steering Council members.

I am pleased to announce that LARC Office of Procurement (OP) issued the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Research, Science and Engineering Services (RSES) today, May 26, 2022. The resulting contract will provide specialized research, science, and engineering services across fifteen discipline areas.

At this point, we have entered the blackout period where all NASA civil servant employees must refrain from communicating (either formally or informally) with any prospective offerors regarding any aspects of this procurement. This does not preclude interactions with incumbent contractor personnel required in the normal conduct of business, e.g., interaction with contractors on TEAMS3, STARSS3, and the NIA. All inquiries should be referred to the Contracting Officer, Ryan Bradley, at or The solicitation and evaluation period will last for the next several months, and the blackout period will remain in effect until contractor selection is announced publicly. I have attached the formal Blackout Notice to this email.

Improper communication could jeopardize the integrity or successful completion of the RSES acquisition. Therefore, compliance with the above will ensure the dissemination of uniform responses to all inquiries and eliminate the possibility of preferential treatment of any prospective offerors.

My office will be communicating the blackout notice to all LaRC civil servants and the notice will be posted on Inside Langley. I want to ensure that the LaRC contractor community is aware that we have entered the blackout period.

RSES Attachment 4 Communications Blackout Notice 5/26/2022

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